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Friends Social Voice page Hindi News was launched in 2017, the first was a Facebook page. Through which you used to entertain a variety of entertainment content and share political news of India.

After this, as the trend towards the people increased, we considered it to be a website and after a few days, it was turned into a small Hindi news portal.

Dear reader, if you find any content on this website disputed. Or inappropriate, you can contact us at our contact page and add a message to remove it.

Apart from this, if you have any opinion or suggestion, we also welcome it. Our team is constantly active on social media to give you viral news and entertainment content every day. Which are contributing to different cities of India.

However, sometimes due to some high tech malfunction today, the content is never made public, and the number of members of 24 Viral pages is increasing day by day through the Internet. We are constantly trying to make you hope that we will try to give you plenty of material according to your nature.